What’s in store for weddings in 2018?Β  Aussie experts weigh in on what we can expect to be the biggest trends in local weddings, courtesy of the Wedding and Trend Report 2018 from the Academy of Wedding and Event Planning.

Same sex weddings

“In early December the Australian parliament passed laws that enable same sex couples to legally marry here in Australia. This significant change will influence the wedding industry more than colour palettes or styles in 2018,” – Christine Ligthart, Founder, I Do Crew.


“While we have absolutely LOVED the more muted and softer tones of recent years, we are excited to see stronger and bolder colour being injected into 2018 creative concepts,” – Georgie Rayner, founder and director ofΒ  Georgeous – Simply Georgeous Creations, Melbourne.


“Many couples are embracing fun and whimsical in their wedding style, so flowers to match that will be bright, bold and playful.

I feel like there will be an explosion of colour in 2018. Lots of fun, bright tones, like hot pinks, corals and yellows. I think more couples are seeing their wedding as a celebration and throwing a fun party,” – Kyla Helgeson, Tesselaar Flowers.

Big open spaces

“From the bush to the beach, couples are choosing to host their weddings at, for example, farms and on large private properties. Very often they won’t have a marquee, preferring their guests enjoy an evening under the stars,” – Christine Ligthart, Founder, I Do Crew.

“Clients are still staying clear of your more traditional round or long tables and considering a combination of shaped tables as well as some clothed and some raw. This enables us to source beautiful wooden topped tables rather than something we always have to cloth,” Georgie Rayner, founder and director ofΒ  Georgeous – Simply Georgeous Creations, Melbourne.


“In Australia and New Zealand, couples are continuing to book wedding venues that offer enough surrounding accommodation to cover their wedding guests. For this reason wine regions and popular tourist destinations are continuing to be popular, but we’re also seeing an emergence of less traditional locations crop up that aren’t necessarily in a touristic hub but have enough beds and a beautiful natural setting,” – Amy Parfett and Melany McBride, Co-Founders, WedShed.


“Many of my couples are requesting foliage and floral garlands for their long guest tables and if budget allows, couples are going all out with hanging feature installations either above the bridal table or dance floor,” – Kyla Helgeson, Tesselaar Flowers.