First came the nearly naked bridal jumpsuit, now there’s the designer sheer wedding dress that’s been the talk of the Paris Couture Fashion Week.

Heads were turning when this provocative number by designer On Aura Tout Vu hit the runway this week.

This dress gave the model just the teensiest bit of lace to cover up downstairs, and was the show-stopper among a range of other provocative designs unveiled by the label.Β  It featured a jewelled bodice along sheer bejewelled sleeves. But from the waist down the sheer ivory lace left the legs and the… crotch… completely exposed.

Other gowns from the designer included one with a nude-effect bodice and full white feathered skirt.

Another dress was completely sheer and black, revealing the model’s bare breasts and skimpy nude thong.

Top image: Facebook/On Aura Taut Vu