Everyone loves a long weekend – it’s a great time to relax, go away, spend time with family and friends. But is it a great time to have a wedding?

Long weekends have become popular dates for couples to tie the knot. But not everyone is a fan.

Let’s look at the pros and cons:


  • Long weekends make it a bit easier on friends who might have to travel from out of town – they may not have to take time off work.
  • When a public holiday falls on a Friday or a Monday you have (or both when it is Easter) you have three to four days to choose from to get married on without it being a regular weekday.
  • Guests from out of town will be able to spend more time with you


  • Some people would prefer a more relaxed long weekend that doesn’t involve attending a wedding.
  • Many people book their annual leave to coincide with long weekends to maximise their time off work. You may find some key guests have done this already and will be away.
  • Long weekends can be expensive times to travel – hotels, flights, even petrol often cost more.
  • Traffic can be a nightmare and could make you run late!
  • Public holiday surcharges can push up the costs of certain services, particularly your venue. Venues need to pay their staff public holiday penalties.

Nobody’s exact situation is the same, so only you and your partner can decide what will work for you and your guests, but if you’re planning on getting hitched on public holiday you should definitely weigh up all these factors.