When your wedding day is done and dusted, there’s still one thing you can’t forget to do: send thank you cards to your generous family and friends who gave you gifts or cash.

You may have been to weddings where the couple didn’t send a card afterwards. Maybe it’s not a big deal to you, but to many other people it certainly is. People who have taken time out to attend your big day – some even traveling a long way to do so – and to give you a gift on top of that might feel more than a little miffed that you didn’t at least say thanks.

Try to send your cards as soon as you can after the wedding so your loved ones won’t think you’ve forgotten about them.

These are our top tips for writing your thank you cards:

1. Organise them when you are buying your invitations

You will be more inclined to send those thank you cards out if you have already purchased them with the rest of your wedding stationary.

2. Keep tabs on your gifts as you unwrap them

It might seem like a weird thing to do, but keep a list of who gave you what as you are unwrapping your presents so you can provide a tailored thank you for each person.

3. Keep a guest list with names and addresses

Have a master list of who lives where that you use for sending out both your invitations and your thank you cards.

4. Thank guests for attending

No matter how big or small or non existent the gift is, their presence is always more important than presents.

5. Don’t be overly formal

Try to sound like yourself, but polite of course, in your written response. Don’t be stuffy or uptight or use overly flowery language.

Top image: Etsy/PumpkinPaperCo