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A wedding dress costs hell of a lot of $$$$ and you get to wear it only once. So unless it has a sentimental value to you, why keep it?

It’s your special day and you’re wearing your dream wedding dress that perhaps costs a fortune and has taken a big chunk out of your budget. But what happens to the dress after the wedding? More often than not, it stays in your closet, collecting dust or it’s waiting for your daughter to grow up and you pass it on to her as an heirloom..again, collecting dust.

Some brides opt to keep the dress because of its sentimental value since either they personally chose it or they put their hearts into designing it. But other brides have seen the potential money they can get out of the dress, and so they sell it, for the next practical bride to buy.

In Australia and the US, there are sites you can go to where you can sell that precious wedding dress, and here are some of them.


I Do Gowns

You can also sell bridesmaids dresses, formal wear, flower girls and page boy wear, clothing accessories, mother of the bride wear and venue decorations here for a listing price ranging from $12.95 to $24.95. You can get your wedding dress to be listed for a one-off fee of $34.95.Screenshot_1

Still White

For a one-time fee of either $29.95 or @49.95, you can sell your lovely wedding dress so that another bride will look just as amazing as you did on your wedding day.


Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses

Register for $10 for a limited time only for your wedding dress to be listed in this website.


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