Some brides-to-be just absolutely love, love, love everything to do with planning their weddings. They take everything in their stride, are super organised, and can plan, arrange, and run around to lots of different locations to find what they need all while juggling a full-time workload and family commitments.  They are superwomen.

Then there are those who start out with a beautiful and romantic engagement, who soon find themselves despairing at the length of their to-do lists.

Wedding planning can burn you out completely, there’s no doubt about it. Unless you’re one of the lucky ones who has everything figured out and can coordinate a huge event with military precision, of course.

The key is to try not to over-do it so you can actually enjoy your engagement AND enjoy your wedding! These are the signs to be on the look out for that might mean you are too stressed about it:

1.  You are constantly thinking about the wedding tasks you need to complete

From the moment you wake up until the moment your head  hits the pillow at night, you’ve got a running list of all the hundreds of things you need to do for the wedding on your brain. This isn’t the same as simply looking forward to the day, instead you’re lying awake at night sweating the details and waking anxious about the wedding-related tasks you need to cross off that day. This is a tell-tale sign that your wedding planning is no longer fun – it’s just another dreaded chore.

Stop. Take a break from planning for a while and get your head into a better space. Resume your planning once you’ve taken the time out that you need.

2. Life? What life?

You have no life. Literally EVERY FREE SECOND you have is filled with wedding-related tasks. All you seem to do is compile wedding lists, write notes to yourself, visit vendors, search the internet for inspiration. It’s all you talk about to everyone – if you actually have a chance to see them.

Stop right now! You need to take time out for you, your partner, your friends and your family! This is super important. There are tasks that can wait. The world will not end.

3. The thrill has gone

You’re still madly in love with your other half, but the excitement about your wedding day is gone or has faded somewhat. Sure, you loved shopping for the dress. It was kinda cool to find the right invitations and you did manage to order the most amazing cake you have ever seen. But the rest of it? Meh. You seriously CBF doing all the boring tasks that you were horrified to discover needed to be completed.

You’ve probably overdone it, and the solution is to put some of those not-so-critical tasks on the backburner for a while and just focus on your relationship. After all, that’s the reason you’re getting married in the first place, right?

Relax and approach every wedding task without stressing out. That way you can enjoy being a bride-to-be and look forward to your awesome wedding day!

Image credit: Flickr/Ryan Polei