The travel guide gurus at Lonely Planet have released a new guide for newlyweds planning a honeymoon called The Honeymoon Handbook that contains just about all the advice you need.

Apart from being a romantic getaway with your other half, there are other criteria that couples look for when planning a destination. Not just budget, but activities that can be done in the location and, for some, how awesome it will look on Insta.

According to Lonely Planet, these are the most Instagram-worthy spots on the planet that will make your friends watching your feed really jealous:

1. Japan

Lonely Planet says Japan is one of the best choices for a honeymoon destinations. It’s a culturally enriched country with amazing landscapes to boot.

2. Iceland

Iceland is one of the world’s top travel destinations and it’s spectacular landscapes make it a hit with honeymooners and people looking for a unique place to get hitched alike.

Lonely Planet says:  “See things you’ve never seen before: steam exploding out of the ground, dramatic mountains covered in untouched snow, roaring waterfalls, and shaggy ponies running wild.”

3.  Mexico

Mexico has a lot to offer. From amazing coastal resorts and beaches, to colourful buildings and ancient ruins, there’s plenty here to have your Instagram blowing up.

4. Namibia

Perfect if you want to explore sand dunes, camp in the desert, go on a safari and see all manner of African animals up close and personal.

5. New York City

New York is the city that never sleeps. There’s so much to do on your honeymoon, from catching a Broadway show to shopping and eating at famous restaurants.