When you’re planning your wedding you need to pick a budget and stick to it.

In all the excitement of organising the biggest day of your life you can actually overlook some of the costs associated with it that will happen after the day itself!

Here are the most common things you’ll need to set some money aside for:

1.  Thank you cards

While you’re budgeting for save the date cards and invitations to the shindig itself, don’t forget that you will also need to make and mail out thank you cards to all your guests.

2.  Printing photos, wall canvases and wedding albums

You may have these covered already depending on the package your wedding photographer has offered. Perhaps you will want more than what is with the package – extra prints, some canvases for the walls, more pages in the wedding album. Perhaps you don’t have any of these things in your package at all – so you’ll definitely need to factor printing costs into your budget.

3. Dry-cleaning

If you’re planning on hanging on to your dress after the big day, to preserve it for the future you need to have it properly and professionally dry-cleaned. Getting your wedding dress dry-cleaned isn’t like dropping off a suit and many brides are blown away by the cost of cleaning one. Get some quotes from your local dry-cleaners now to save yourself the bill shock later.

4. Spending money for the honeymoon

If you’re going away for the honeymoon, don’t forget that the costs don’t just extend to the airfare and your hotel costs. You don’t want to be somewhere amazing that you can’t enjoy because you’re broke! Make sure you’ve budgeted enough money not just for meals and activities, but for shopping too.