Everyone wants their wedding to be unique… but that awesome thing you saw on Pinterest might have been a feature at every other wedding your guests have attended recently.

UK jeweler Goldsmiths surveyed 1,000 people to find out what they have had enough of when it comes to weddings. These are the top five:

1. Complicated wedding hashtags

Personalised wedding hashtags have become a staple of modern weddings so the couple and all the guests can easily see all the snaps from the day on Instagram. However as time has gone on, in order to have a unique hashtag, couples have had to become creative… and the hashtags have gotten more complex. 43.5 per cent of survey respondents gave complicated hashtags the thumbs down.

2. Donut walls

Donut walls peaked a couple of years ago… taking over Pinterest and Instagram. They can look awesome, but the reality is they don’t smell so great and nobody really wants to eat stale donuts that flies have been landing on all day at the end of the evening. 37.2 per cent of people don’t want to see another one.

3. Confusing poems in invitations about gifts

If you don’t want gifts, just say so. People have had enough of terrible poetry (crimes against iambic pentameter, anyone??) on their invites. This was a major peeve also for 37.3 per cent of survey respondents.

4. Trash the dress

Some brides like to take their dress out for a photo shoot afterwards where they totally wreck it. People are always divided on this, with many seeing it as tacky and wasteful. 34.6 per cent of people wanted to see it gone for good.

5. Cake in the face photos

Traditionally a staple of American weddings, this trend has been creeping in to Aussie weddings in recent years, thanks to Pinterest and Insta inspiration. Watching two people feed one another cake and shove it in each other’s faces can be creepy and uncomfortable at the best of times. On their wedding day it just feels… kinda wrong. 30.2 per cent of people say “no more”.