What’s hot for 2020 weddings? According to a survey of 22,000 wedding experts there are some trends recurring for wedding days being planned for next year.

Wedding community website Bridal Tweet asked its members to share the top trends that are emerging in terms of wedding fashion, decor, food and more.

1. Floral invitations

According to the report, the hottest trends in invitations includes floral borders, watercolour artwork, gold foil and brush/hand script names.

Photo: A Day to Remember Studio.

2. Rose gold jewelry

Rose gold has been hot for a few years now, and that trend looks set to continue into 2020. It’s perfect for art deco and vintage wedding themes.

Photo: Tiger Gemstones

3. Sexy, yet classic, gowns

Brides are going back to basics with a “less is more” attitude. They want gowns that are classic, yet still sexy.

Photo: Marmerry

4. Dramatic veils paired with simple dresses

Perhaps inspired by celebs like Meghan Markle and so many amazing pics on Insta and Pinterest, brides are looking for simple dresses with a dramatic veil for that timeless, elegant look.

Photo: Agnes Hart

5. Non traditional seating

Regular wedding venue seating is out, and comfortable, eclectic, mixed styles of seating are in.