Big weddings aren’t for everyone. Whether you’re on a budget, or you’re committed to minimalism, or just plain don’t like the idea of having to interact with 100+ people on your wedding day, there are reasons many couples decide to pare it back to basics.

A micro wedding isn’t the same thing as an elopement where two people may decide to travel to get married with few, if any, guests in tow.

A micro wedding contains all the same elements of a traditional wedding, but on a smaller scale. So this might include a gorgeous venue, decorations, cake, flowers, photographer and so on. Obviously with a much reduced price tag to boot.

The result is generally a smaller, better-quality option where you save on the things you don’t really want and instead focus on the things that you do.

Of course a micro wedding features a reduced guest list. Some family dynamics are more complicated than others and it may be a relief not to have many feuding elements in the same room… but it could also open up another can of worms entirely if you don’t invite everyone who will expect to get an invite.

How you handle that will depend on your own unique situation.

Recognising this trend, many Aussie wedding vendors are now offering specific packages designed for the couple looking to hold a micro wedding.