Sapphires have been increasingly popular as an alternative to diamonds in engagement rings for many years now, thanks in part to that famous ring worn by Princess Diana and later Kate Middleton.

When you think sapphires you can be forgiven for thinking of them as always being blue, as that’s the most common colour that is almost synonymous with the precious stone.

There are, in fact, many other colours of sapphires. One of the rarest types is the peach sapphire – also know as Padparadscha Sapphires, which are among the most valuable sapphires. They have delicate warm tones and pair beautifully with rose gold.

Here are some peach sapphire engagement rings that have caught our eye!

1. Ring with created peach sapphires and diamonds in 10 ct gold

$599 from Michael Hill

2. Natural peach sapphire diamond engagement ring 18k gold

$7,669 from Ramzi’s Jewellery

3. Peach sapphire and diamond 18k white gold ring

$4740 from Brilliant Earth

4. Peach sapphire and diamond halo engagement ring

$2070 USD from Shane Co

5. Peach sapphire champagne engagement ring

$5613 from Capucinne

6. Vintage Luna Rose Gold Halo with Oval Peach Sapphire

$1785 USD from La More Design