When you’re getting ready to put a ring on it, you’ll want to make sure your hands look amazing, especially for those ring close up shots on the day. For many brides the finishing touches on bridal prep comes in the form of a manicure in the days before the wedding.

Nails are deeply personal and everyone has their own style… if you’re not sure what to do with yours on the day, have a look at some of the biggest nail trends we’ve noticed this year:

1. French manicure

The clean, classic look has enjoyed a major comeback in 2019. Whether you’re getting this done on your natural nails or having them as acrylic overlays, this is a timeless and chic nail style.

2. Subtle rhinestones

There can be such thing as too much of a good thing. Overly bedazzled and bejewelled nails can detract from everything else that’s going on with your bridal look. Subtle bling, however, can look amazing on nails.

3. Stencil nail art

Stencils art on wedding nails can look amazing if done right. Try whites and silvers on pastel backgrounds.

4. Something blue

A great way to sneak in your “something blue” if you are so inclined is on your nails. Pretty pastel blues and hues like Tiffany blue, cornflower blue and hydrangea tones are subtle but classy.

5. Just a touch of glitter

There are different ways to make your nude or pale mani sparkle just a little. Adding a splash of glitter gives your nails a gorgeous shimmer.

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