If you’re having a wedding in the hotter months or in a part of Australia with a constant hot and humid climate, you’ll need to keep the heat in mind when it comes to your wedding day makeup.

Surprise hot weather has featured at many a Spring and Autumn wedding as well, so it pays to be prepared.

Your make up needs to last the distance from when you get ready through to the end of your reception. And sometimes makeup is done super early in the day. Here are our top tips for keeping your makeup in place when it’s hot hot hot outside.

1. Consult with a pro

Investing in a professional makeup artist for your big day is a good idea for many reasons. Particularly to ensure that you are prepped, primed and made up using products that will go the distance on a hot day. An experienced professional will have the right products for the job.

2. Moisturise with caution

In consultation with your makeup artist determine if you should have moisturiser on your skin before she applies makeup or not. It goes against everything we know about skin care, but on your big day that extra moisture might encourage your makeup to slide off if it is too humid.

Instead an oil free primer will work better as a base for your makeup.

3. Waterproof mascara and eyeliner

It’s not just the risk of crying that make these a must have for your wedding day: if you get too sweaty from heat and humidity you could end up with panda eyes.

4. Make sure you have a touch up kit

Include face powder and blotting papers to get rid of any excess sweat and sheen during the day. Also include things like lipstick in case you need to reapply.

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5. Use a quality setting spray

A setting spray can mean the difference between everything staying in place and everything sliding off.